Designer Stevie Crowne

I met 22-year-old Designer Stevie Crowne (and Leo) at The Darling Yard Sale hosted by Evan Biddell and chatted with him about his collection and work.

I love your logo! Is that a play on your last name?

It’s my trademark. The crown is a metaphor for wearing your own crown and being your own king or queen. Ruling your own jurisdiction of all aspects of your life. For my brand, it means wear what you want, be free, If you’re wanting to be vibrant and fun and have a statement on your clothing. In the end, each one of us gets a final say in what we want to wear.

Would you say that your “royal” persona is part of being a Leo? 

My understanding of the concept of royalty is mostly giving back to the community and raising awareness for ethical causes benefiting those less fortunate. It’s not about the superficial side of “royalty,” and living the high life of luxury, but being a true representation of the people and times we live and coexist in. Luxury and abundance just come along with that.

In all honesty, I had a very blue-collar upbringing in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. My mom used to clean houses and my Dad founded a home & yard maintenance business when I was young. I was being set up to run their business’ one day. This environment made me quite entrepreneurial. I had large goals from a young age.

Everybody around me in my childhood knew I wanted to be expressive of who I was, regardless of the challenges I was to face. It’s funny because when you fast-forward ten years, and now I am aspiring to be a voice for young disenfranchised LBGT Youth because there’s a problem right now in my generation. The solutions are getting better and better, but growing up gay in a mid-western culture shapes you to be who you are and you find out who you are and what you attract pretty quickly.

Stevie Crowne Fashion Show, Image courtesy of Stevie Crowne

How long have you been designing for?

Technically since I was 16. I remember Lady Gaga, the fame monster era and she was wearing all of these spiky leather jackets. So you know what I did- I ordered like a thousand spikes online, went to value village and got the coolest jackets I could find, ripped off the sleeves, cut it up, put spikes all over it. I wound up doing my first fashion show when I was 17 and never stopped.

I moved here a year ago not knowing anybody and with limited resources. I also had no attainable privileges or special treatment; I truly worked from the ground up.

I constantly thank everybody who played a role in my success. I am currently a semi-finalist for Canada’s Sustainable Designer Of The Year Award and hear soon if I get picked for the top three to compete in October 2017.

Stevie Crowne Sleeveless Sweater

Tell me more about the Darling Yard Sale, How did you become a part of it?

I’m very good friends with Evan Biddell, He’s my mentor, He produced my show, he gave me my first job in Toronto and I live in his old apartment. I came by last weekend and tried on his rompers and did a photo shoot, he said I’m going to do a Sale next Saturday, let’s make it a summer event, and every Saturday we just keep rotating his stock and invite all of our friends.

Where can people find your items?

I do a lot of business through Instagram, and you can visit where you can view all of my projects.

Every Saturday I plan to be vending at The Darling Mansion at 224 Dovercourt.

I sell at Offsite Concept Store at 871 Dundas W as well. The cafe and store is owned by Fashion Art Toronto. I debuted my first Toronto collection with them on April 21st.

E.L Ruddy on Dundas West has a style installation (Alien Themed), 1371 Dundas W. They are also serving Stevie Crowne Royal Press Cocktails to drink while you shop! This bar is my go to!

Designer Stevie Crowne