I have a serious problem with online window shopping. I’m constantly scrolling for the best space and astrology-themed pieces. If you’re looking to try a trend that’s a little out of this world, scroll down below space cadets:

These Sugarhigh Lovestoned Ground Control Overalls – $300 USD, have been on the top of my wishlist forever! They’re also available in light blue from Free People as well.
I nearly lost it when I saw these Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Moon Sunglasses – $200 USD, and think that they’d make an excellent DIY project with less expensive round sunnies.
Statement earrings are huge this summer, and Hayley Elsaesser’s Moon and Star Earrings ($15 CAD) are a great way to try it out without breaking your credit limit.
In case you don’t have a ridic acrylic minaudiere, and if you love aliens, I think you need to drop some cash on Zara’s MINAUDIÈRE WITH UFO – $49.90 CAD
Alexa Chung’s Star Loafers are an investment at $360 USD, but at least you know you’ll wear the heck out of them if you fall in love.
Protect your eyeballs and look cute AF in these Poppy Lissiman Pussy Sunglasses – $115 USD.
Slide wit me just slide with these sparkly Aldo Estrellas Slides – $41.98 CAD.
I would love to know what the point of a bag charm is but don’t really need to with this Coach Saturn Bag Charm ($95 USD).
I was deep in the gram when I came across this photo on Filthy Mouth Creative shoot. My jaw dropped to the floor and all of the air escaped my body.  Redwolf “Made of Stars” Tee – $40 USDLovers & Drifters Glitterati Flare Pants – 99 Euros Photo taken and styled by @filfthymoutchcreative.