The inside of Glossier’s Toronto Pop Up, image via @Glossier

Glossier recently popped up in Toronto this September to celebrate online shipping to Canada and Canadian beauty junkies swarmed! I knew that I had to (halo)scope out the lines, and found three awesome and understated outfits. The line stretched and twisted and turned with the most stylish Saturday shoppers you’ve ever seen! I shot three great outfits while waiting to get inside the highly-Instagrammed pop-up shop.

Melissa’s outfit is the pinnacle of effortless chic. I know that we like to make fun of the term but she truly pulled it off with her monochromatic silk outfit and cat eye sunglasses.

Melissa Chai, Pisces

I loved this sold-out Madewell millennial pink jumpsuit worn by @tleedee, and quickly found out that the Glossier team did too! Check out her unexpected twinning moment here.

Leo @tleedee

Wasps (or bees as some people like to call them) were swarming around Carolyn’s delicious cherry earrings. I made a bee-line in for this shot.

Carolyn Buszynski, Aquarius