Welcome back! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, this blog was on hiatus for a few reasons. I had the fantastic opportunity to write horoscopes for Refinery 29 for almost 3 years under the pen name Venus Australis. I also had my first child, a beautiful and tough Pisces baby. The resurgence of this blog was inspired by ambitious Aries season and the autopayments to keep my website domain. After having a bit of space from working on The Star Crossed, I want to take a different approach to how I write about astrology and fashion.

When I created TSC back in 2016, I was trying to figure out the correlation between personal style and astrology. It took me a long time to figure out a simple answer – the way the world perceives you is based on your rising (or ascendant) sign. During my maternity leave, I started taking astrology lessons towards becoming an astrologer. Please be patient with me, as I’m still in the early days of schooling. With an incredible “D’OH” moment, I have learned that your rising sign is a significant factor in how the world sees you and how you present yourself to it.

I have a Libra rising in my chart, which explains my love for frills, sparkle, and frothy fashion. It explains why I don’t relate fashion-wise to my sun sign, Cancer. It’s frustrating to flip through a magazine’s fashion spread that informs me that fancy PJs are my character-defining choice. I get where they’re coming from! But let’s be real — when I’m going out, I want to make a big splash. Show me THE MOST adventurous, ridiculous, and exciting options.  

If you’ve ever wondered why you have a hard time relating to your horoscope, it could be that you have a wildly different rising sign than your sun sign. Rising signs also account for how you socialize and your physical body. Take a moment to check out your birth chart and look up your rising sign to get a double dose of horoscopes and get the real tea on what’s going on in the heavens. Keep reading to learn more about your rising sign, with a few examples of celebrities whose first houses dramatically influence their look.

Aries Rising

Did you know that Pisces sun Rihanna has Aries rising in her birth chart? It helps to explain her fearlessness regarding fashion and starting exciting new trends. Ruled by action planet Mars, people with Aries rising are known for being bold in how they present themselves to the world. 

Some other Aries rising celebrity style you might be familiar with include Kendall Jenner, Barbra Streisand, and Stevie Nicks.

Taurus Rising

Scorpio sun Tracee Ellis Ross exudes glamour and is a perfect picture of a material girl. This Taurus rising celebrates her style with opulent fabrics and daring cuts. Governed by luxury-loving Venus, people with Taurus as their first house are known for investing in quality over quantity.   

Other Taurus rising Celebrities include Megan Thee Stallion, Lana Del Rey, and Miley Cyrus.

Gemini Rising

If you’re born with a rising sign in Gemini, your chart is led by the communication planet Mercury. People with Gemini rising are known for experimenting with varied looks and styles of clothing. Aries sun Lady Gaga has a Gemini rising in her chart, explaining how she speaks through clothing with such versatility.

Celebrities with Gemini rising include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristen Stewart, and Willow Smith.

Cancer Rising

Governed by the Moon, people with Cancer rising are known for dressing comfortably and with a feminine flourish. Virgo sun and Cancer rising Keke Palmer is undoubtedly a chameleon when it comes to the screen. Off-screen, she leans towards soft and loose outfits to show off her style.

Liv Tyler, Meghan Markle, and Cher also have Cancer rising in their birth charts. 

Leo Rising

Trend-setting Geminis Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have a Leo rising in their birth charts. Their sense of style balances the best qualities of complexity and minimalism. Driven by the Sun, people with Leo rising have a personal style known for standing out in a crowd. No wonder they inspired a generation to follow in their footsteps. 

A few other Leo rising celebrities who share this quality include Blake Lively, Jennifer Lopez, and Alexa Demie.

Virgo Rising

People with Virgo rising in their first house are known for being meticulous about details in their image, thanks to the guidance of messenger planet Mercury. Libra sun Bella Hadid knows how to get the look exact. This Virgo rising is following a high-end fashion formula that yearns for spontaneity. However, something a little too clean about her look — that’s Virgo for you!

Celebrities Dolly Parton, Lizzo, and Brooke Shields also have Virgo in their first house.

Libra Rising

Ruled by beauty-conscious Venus, people who have Libra rising in their charts are best known for fashion-forward looks with a feminine edge. Sagittarius sun Zoe Isabella Kravitz has a Libra rising, which signals her exquisite taste. Who could forget her casual blue silk summer slip, her YSL Meta Gala look, or Catwoman red carpet looks? Iconic.


Dua Lipa, Anna Nicole Smith, and Beyonce are all Libra rising celebrities.

Scorpio Rising

Guided by transformative Pluto, people with Scorpio rising are known for taking risks and communicating hidden messages through their image. Capricorn sun Euphoria Actress Hunter Schafer works magic with her personal style thanks to the placement of her Scorpio rising. 

Chloe Sevigny, Grimes, and Debbie Harry have Scorpio in the first house of their birth charts. 

Sagittarius Rising

Ruled by expansive Jupiter, People with Sagittarius rising are known for creating looks that are larger than life. Pisces sun and Sagittarius rising Erykah Badu is a perfect example of the magic that aligns when water meets fire. 

Other Sagittarius rising celebs include Kim Kardashian, Oprah, and Mila Kunis.

Capricorn Rising

Ruled by disciplined Saturn, people with Capricorn rising are known for keeping classics sharp. It’s essential to be concise and muted with this earth sign’s style. Libra sun Dakota Johnson knows how to get her to look together. Her Capricorn rising makes sure that everything is on point without going overboard.

Other Capricorn Rising celebrities include Ariana Grande, Megan Fox, and Taylor Swift.

Aquarius Rising

Ruled by rebellious Uranus, people with Aquarius rising are best known for pushing the envelope regarding personal dressing. Thinking ahead like only an Aquarius-rising could do, Euphoria star and Virgo sun Zendaya hired stylist Law Roach early in her career to help craft her image. Killing it on the red carpet has certainly paid off, and her fans are always excited to see what she does next. 

Julia Fox, Madonna, and Selena all have Aquarius in their first house.

Pisces Rising

Ruled by dreamy Neptune, people with Pisces rising are known for having an ethereal and dreamy style. These people live on another planet stylistically and tend to have a particular interest in footwear, as Pisces rules the feet. Libra sun Gwyneth Paltrow enjoys challenging the norm. She opts for a mix of luxury and edge with her black buckled creepers. 

Billie Eilish, Krysten Ritter, and Whitney Houston are all Pisces rising.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading along! I’ll have lots of new interviews, horoscopes and features soon. If you have a topic you’d like me to cover, drop me a line.