Annie Lam in Toronto

Annie Lam is a multi-talented Microblader, Nail Artist and Fashion Stylist in Toronto. This Aquarius has her Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio which makes her a forward thinker with a plan!

Tell me about what you do! 

I started out as a makeup artist for a few years, worked for MAC, did some freelance, and that when I was still going to school for art and fashion at Ryerson. Once school finished,  I absolutely loved doing makeup and photography to fashion and I discovered the position fashion stylist. After meeting so many people, I realized this encompasses everything that I love. I worked as a fashion stylist for many years, it was 14 years this past year. Within this past year and a half, I decided to go into Micro-blading. I had found this new beauty technique, really got into it and decided to start my own business in Micro-blading. Along the way, I also worked as a Nail artist. I would always be doing my own nails, and on set before nail artists really started, I would do the nails on set because I’d see these models with really chewed up nails, and it just didn’t look like a proper and complete look. I was putting them in these $10,000 gowns, so I would start doing their nails for them, because there was no nail artist back then. Once I started posting my designs on social media, other co-workers saw it and got me into that, so I have my hand in a little bit of everything! Beauty to fashion, and kind of back to beauty again.

I absolutely love your nails right now, how long did it take you to complete this look?

I’m all about having a lot of impact in not a lot of time, and this is one of the easiest nail styles. It took less than an hour to complete.

What drew you to Micro-blading?

It was during Fashion Week when I was working backstage, I had been working with the Essie Team as a nail artist, and we were talking about micro-blading. It was also known as eyebrow embroidery. I was like, “What is this new technique?”, and it was an eyebrow tattoo, and I thought I’m never tattooing my eyebrows, because the idea of that is a very heavy solid brow, and where it fades out. My friends told me that it looked like real hair. So I looked into it and I was completely blown away. I was researching it for myself because I wanted to get it done, and I was a little bit nervous, but the more research I found, it was quite simple and not as scary as it seemed. But there wasn’t that much information, and looking for an artist in Toronto, I had a very hard time, because there were so many people who did it badly. I finally found an artist who I trusted, I got mine done, I loved it, the procedure was not scary at all. Like a minor cat-scratch, and then nothing at all because of numbing cream. After the whole research experience, I thought, you know what? I would be really good at this with my makeup and art background. It was a combination of everything coming together. I took some courses and started doing it, and I’m doing well! A lot of my clients are in the industry, Television hosts and models. I’m really lucky and happy that this is going on.

How long do micro-bladed eyebrows last for?

It’s semi-permanent! Unlike a traditional tattoo, it doesn’t go as deep under the skin, and we use plant-based pigment and not ink, so it breaks down faster. It’s implanted using a small hand tool so you get super fine strokes. It usually lasts for a year up to 3 years. Depending on the quality of your skin and how you treat it, factors into the length of time. Younger skin will change faster than older skin, if you use certain types of skincare, or tan, all factor into how long they last. If you don’t touch it up, it will eventually fade away completely.

When did Astrology first catch your attention?

I can’t quite remember the age, but pretty young. I think I was in grade school and we were learning about astronomy, and then somehow it lead to astrology, and I was hooked.

Have you ever had a day when your horoscope was dead-on?

I’ve never had a specific dead-on day, but I do read yearly horoscopes and this past year was crazy bang on. In fact, I made a huge career change based on that horoscope reading and it turned out pretty successfully.

Which horoscopes do you read?

I don’t have a specific go to, I tend to read whatever I come across. I enjoy reading several different ones so that I can see what repeats and see if those specific things actually happen. I’m also really into reading Chinese Horoscopes, as I find the way they do predictions are so detailed.

What do you like about your sign?

I love that Aquarians are known to be artsy and creative! We tend to be a pretty talented bunch and that makes me happy.

Are there any characteristics associated with your sign that you dislike?

We’re also known as the coldest sign, as in personality wise. We can be very loving and open to ones we love, but cross us and we’ll cut you out of our lives just like that! We know how to hold a grudge. I guess that’s something I really need to work on. Or so my husband tells me!

You’ve worked on really cool projects, what inspires you to create?

I love to travel and just see the cultural differences in all the places I go. It can be from the people, places, patterns, and colors in the streets. It truly is invigorating traveling to new places and discovering all that a country or city has to offer.

Who are your favourite Canadian designers?

Christopher Paunil is doing crazy good designs, he’s super talented! I’m also a huge fan of Narces and their feminine dresses and Mikhael Kale is so creative.

Who are your favourite people to dress?

I love dressing people who are not in the fashion industry but now needs to elevate their look as they have become a noted personality in their own industry. For example Melissa Leong. She’s a finance specialist and is now often on camera for shows or leads media events and workshops. Helping them discover clothing they would never think of, or dressing in certain styles is so much fun. It’s really rewarding seeing them feel beautiful and confident with their new style.

How would you describe your personal style?

I feel like I have a split personality when I dress myself. I love trying all different styles, it just depends on the day and my mood. I do notice I tend to go more with a bit of a rocker-glam vibe.

This interview has been edited and condensed.