Rufaro Chinyanganya wearing her design, shot by @ebaxneo

In a time where fast-fashion has become a looming threat to our planet, makers like Rufaro Chinyanganya are seeking to create unique pieces with a current aesthetic that reads cool. The UK based designer’s double-sided embroidered monochromatic shirts and sweaters are charming and concise. The front of her tops read your signs name and have the same glyph on the back in a matching thread. Her growing fanbase includes AstrologyStuff, Maya Jama and astrology lovers. Read on to learn more about how Dawn of Aquarius came to be:

What inspired you to create Dawn Of Aquarius?
I really wanted a Capricorn T-shirt and couldn’t find any I loved so I decided to make my own.

Who did you make your first piece for?
I made my first piece for myself.

How long have you been designing for?

I’ve been designing and altering clothes from a very young age and then went to college and university to study fashion.

You’re a Capricorn Sun, Taurus Moon with a Libra Ascendant, – which of your signs do you credit to your aesthetics?
100% Libra rising with a touch of Taurus Moon. I always think it’s funny how Libra I come off and appear to be.

What was your first introduction to Astrology?
My first introduction was probably on a key ring in a random gift shop, but when I really started looking into astrology was maybe in 2012 and when I really took it seriously was in 2015.

Do you have a favourite astrologer or app that you like to use?
I use TimePassages App and my favourite astrologers on YouTube are Jewel (Truth In Aspect) and Yasmin Boland because she is so clear.

How do you think the perception of astrology is changing? Where do you see it going next?
To be honest I see it becoming a very big thing soon, being in the Information Age I think people are beginning to take this subject seriously. I think there will be many businesses involved in astrology.

You’ve created a distinct line of t-shirts and sweatshirts. Do you have plans to expand your line?
Yes! In the next coming years I would like to provide Astro Services and a wider range of retail products.

Stay tuned for the Dawn Of Aquarius Shop’s opening in a few months by following her on IG at @dawnofaquarius_doa, so that you can get your own shirt!