Zahra Aasiyah in Toronto

I don’t normally hang around the Ryerson campus, but after picking my bike up from the previous night’s A Tribe Called Red concert, my gaze was immediately drawn to Zahra and her gorgeous layered white outfit. I asked her if I could take her photo and she immediately started swooshing her skirt around like a pro! This creative Sagittarius is truly inspiring, in her designs, modeling and powerful singing voice. (Seriously, check out her youtube channel. Chills!!!)

Tell me about what you do!
I do many things, but they can all be characterized as art. I am an artist and I use my entire being to create. I create art with my hands and my mind in illustration, On my body with fashion and with my voice in music.
How did you get interested in fashion?
I have always loved people. I love depicting them in imagery and showcasing their soul with art. I love how you can speak with your clothing and body and tell a story without speaking. I started designing clothing as a pre-teen while growing up in Iran. I was very different to my peers in that I was tall and wanted to express myself with my body, and in the absence of that I would draw the clothes I imagined wearing one day.
Who are your favourite Canadian fashion designers?  
I like fresh approaches to clothing and creativity in design. For these reasons, I appreciate Denise Gagnon and Sid Neigum’s designs.
Who are your top Instagram must-follows?
Definitely @concerta_ she is a good friend and collaborator of mine and she has a fresh look and perspective on fashion. I also enjoy @housofriya for her inspirational posts. Other mentions would be @anna_vrc @mylessexton @ginaharrison and @dopestdonna!

Do you read your horoscope? 

I don’t follow my horoscope on the daily, I just know what my sign is, what that means, my rising my moon sign and the position of Mars on my birthday.
How did you first find out about astrology?
I have always had people around me who were fascinated with astrology and so I don’t remember when my first encounter was. However, when I learned to read and later Google, that was when my real knowledge of astrology kicked in.
What do you like most about being a Sagittarius?
I like that we are free bold and wild! That we are made of fire and see the world as a beautiful adventurous journey that we will take the most out of!
What inspires you?
God inspires me. No one can create like him.The eye he has given me is a small little piece of his magnificence. His people, there emotions and heart inspire me. My son inspires me. He is the future. The continuation of my soul and my biggest supporter!