Brit Wacher

Fashion Designer Brit Wacher is a Libra Sun, Leo Moon and Taurus Rising which calls together an excellent mix of air, fire and earth signs. When I met Brit to take her photo, she had a quiet power about her, full of ideas and inspired direction.

Her “Cosmic Boudoir” FW 17 collection was inspired by the “celebration of divine feminity”, and “provides the ultimate power suit for wo(man); a bold colourful mask…that can be utilized to float from A to B.” In her words, “We live in a world where decisions are made for us, our voices are sometimes not heard, yet we have the choice to live loud in expression, the way that we present ourselves”. I couldn’t agree more with that statement.

What drew you to fashion?

When I was a very young lady, much younger than young I used to watch my grandma sew up dresses for me to wear. They were so ridiculously frilly, adorned and cute princess pretty. As I grew older, I was very much a tomboy, and the extremes of my stages growing up along must have inspired me. The idea of waking up every morning and asking, “Who do I want to be today?” It is so fantastical! Creating characters, worlds, ideas. Also, most recently I have this fun alter ego named, Mary Merula and she helps me come up with everything: the fuel, the characters, and the story. It is a delusional wicked fun time.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
Fantasy/ Minimalist/ whimsical/ structured/ utilitarian practical/ sturdy. This is the biggest contradiction in the history of description

What makes a good design?

Having a vision, sticking to your guns and seeing it all the way through to the end. Throwing rapid energy into the details of the process is what makes a good design. But overall, good is very relative…what I think is good the next person thinks is shit.

Brit Wacher

What fabrics do you like to work with?
Natural fibers all the way! I am developing a system to utilize fibers that can be produced in a very sustainable and eco-friendly way. I want to create garments that I truly feel good about and that my wearers can too.

What inspired your Cosmic Boudoir Collection?

This collection is called Cosmic Boudoir was all of my creations gathered over a specific period and was created as a therapeutic form of escapism. Each piece is based around the essence of a character, the energy of a being.

What do you want people to feel when they wear your clothes?

I want them to feel empowered, like they can do anything. I create these clothes for people to wear to get from A to B, when you don’t necessarily feel up to the commute of life. Life is hard and we must have healthy vices to get through the day. The woman, The goddess should be celebrated each and every day. I feel like this is my purpose, to complement each story with a token of strength. It is so lovely and beautiful to dress women.

Who are your favourite people to dress?
Oh my gosh! Every freaking woman! I love women, they are all so beautiful. Men too, I love men as well.

St Vincent wears a Brit Wacher Dress on Saturday Night Live. Photo via

Have you dressed any celebrities?
I dressed St. Vincent for her performance on Saturday Night Live and I would dress her a million times again. So genuine, so rad.

What’s your astrological sign?
Libra! And Libra all the way!

What do you love about being a Libra?

I love being an air sign and F L O A T I N G around with whimsy and flare. I do find it hard to make decisions on the spot, as I am constantly batting around ideas, outcomes, and repercussions in my mind.

Mysticism, Astrology, and Tarot have gotten much more popular in the past few years, do you apply any of those to your life in any way?
Absolutely. It is an integral part of my practice, the regime since the beginning.

What would you like to accomplish this year?

2017 is for installing a personal system that creates the optimum lifestyle balance for myself. This is very difficult with a budding fashion business that would like to have 120% of my time. I recently moved into The Fashion Incubator in Toronto, which provides the best energy for achieving efficiency and drive so I am grateful for that. This year is going to be great.

Where can we buy your clothes?
The most accessible would be on and this very cool concept shop named OFFSITE in Toronto. Also, HIDE Boutique on Dundas, 96 Tears Vintage on Queen, Boutique U&I in Montreal, plus some others and they are listed on my site.