Evelyn Salvarinas of Rose Aura in her studio.

Rose Aura founder Evelyn Salvarinas has got a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon and Capricorn ascendant, which translates to an ambitious, practical and organized person. It’s no wonder that she’s been busy taking aura photos all over the city. I sat down to chat with Evelyn in her studio to get my aura captured and learn more about how she got into this ethereal form of photography.

What inspired you to get into aura photography?

I lived in New York for the past four years, got my Masters degree and worked in various places in the arts, and I found that I would always get my aura photo taken at Magic Jewelry anytime anything happened to me. When I quit my job or when I filed my taxes, I would just go check in and see what my colours looked like. I moved back to Toronto in December and was looking to see how my aura was reflected in the move, and there was nowhere to do it here. I researched the camera and purchased it from the people who invented it in the 70’s, and here we are!

Evelyn shoots me with her aura camera

I tried to get my aura taken at a psychic convention recently, but they were doing it on digital that doesn’t have the same feeling.

The film is discontinued, which is also a difficult thing that I found out after I purchased the camera. I just went to New York and got 300 boxes, so I’m ready to go! They can convert the camera to digital when the film runs out, but it’s not the same.

@Shannonelizabethmurphy’s gorgeous aura! via @roseaura.ca

What is an aura for the uninitiated?

An aura is the energy surrounding your body. The way that these photos are taken, and the way that they work is based on the chakras throughout your body. The camera has two hand sensors, which have plates over different parts of the hand. Different parts of your hands are connected to different organs, and those organs are connected to your different chakras. Based on what’s going on inside your body, it will come out through your hand and radiates in your open chakra colours, and then I explain what those different colours mean.

Hands on.

When did you first learn about auras?

A couple of years ago in New York, I heard about Magic Jewelry from a friend of a friend, and it took a while to find it, but once I found it, I couldn’t stop going.

It’s such a great idea to see what’s going on in your life!

It’s great to see what your colours are or even if you’re not in a good place. You can see where you are good, and where need work. It’s a really interesting tool.

My aura photo taken by Evelyn. I got money on my mind (green) and creativity (orange) in my future!

How do you read an aura? What do the different colours mean?

When you look at an Aura Photograph, the left-hand side is your past two weeks; the right-hand side is your future two weeks, the top is your energy level and who you are as a person.

Over your head, that’s what’s going on in your mind, over your heart is what’s in your heart. You can see the past two weeks to your left.

photo via @roseaura.ca

How fast do auras change?

Second to second. The camera takes a snapshot of your aura the second you put your hands on the sensors. I have taken a photo, had a conversation with the person and taken another photo, and different chakras were engaged based on our conversation!

That’s crazy! Have you ever met anyone who can see an aura?

I’ve heard of people who can see auras, and it sounds absolutely incredible. A friend of mine will skype with her Aura reader, and she will just tell her everything that’s going on with her aura. I’m not that lucky, but I have this amazing piece of technology that lets me translate it for you.

Photo via @roseaura.ca: An all red photo can mean a first chakra block, and dark red in your photo means overworked or overtired. Don’t worry if this is the case; try to meditate on your chakras, and take time for yourself to alleviate the block.

What can you do to improve your aura?

You can always do meditation, that’s the first thing to do if you’re having an issue with one of your chakras, focus on it as a spinning wheel of energy until you feel a release, and work your way up your body. Everything is based on a healthy root chakra. If your root chakra is blocked, your other chakras can’t open up. You ideally want all of your chakras are open and engaged.

Do you use Tarot or any other methods in conjunction with your Aura photography?

Not really, my family reads coffee grinds, but for me, it’s just this camera. What I like is that the colours do correspond to the chakras, and I’ve done them at different times and noticed changes in them.

You can use it as a tool, but the other thing that I like about it is you have this memento, an actual object that you can take home with you. It’s this precious thing that you’ll never have again because it won’t be the same.


If you’d like to get your aura photographed, get in touch with Evelyn on her site!

Mark your calendars! Evelyn will be taking aura photos at Tokyo Smoke on October 3, where you can match a crystal pipe to your photo in order to open up closed chakras. She’ll also be working her magic at a Kundalini yoga and aura workshop at Misfits Studio October 19.