Always Judging in the 1996 Dress by Realisation Par
Always Judging – a Pisces – in the 1996 Dress by Realisation Par

Ever since I’ve gotten into the astrology game, I’ve become completely taken with zodiac prints. This delicate navy blue slip dress by Realisation Par had me constantly refreshing my browser this cyber Monday, but alas, no sale. I’ve got to respect a brand for maintaining their pricing standards! I must ask you, is it gauche to wear astrology prints if you are REALLY into it, or more appropriate for those who don’t care about it making the embroidered symbols more irreverent? I’m torn. I’m already feeling a wee bit reconsider-y about the Zara “horoscope” crab bag that I’ve ordered now. Either way, both of these women look absolutely cool to me. I’m currently listening to The PanDolly Podcast on how both Pandora and Dolly would wear a slip-dress for winter. Pandora says you should wear it with polo neck shirt underneath with knee high boots, over a pair of flared pants with a knit on top or with a velvet blazer for night. Dolly longs to wear a slip dress, but avoids it.

Personally, I’m going to wait out buying this dress or keep it as a goal until I become a real-deal astrologer. Or at least when I can identify anyone’s astrological sign with out knowing their birth month. Or when I get some money.

Photo of @prettylittlefawn by @champagneunicorns via Instagram
Photo of @prettylittlefawn by @champagneunicorns via Instagram
The 1996 Dress by Realisation Par
 A close up of The 1996 Dress by Realisation Par