Natalia in Toronto
Natalia in Graffiti Alley.

Last Friday was our final day of unreal warm weather. I was riding a major high after asking Tarot expert Liz Worth if my website was going to succeed. I drew an 8 of wands which means I’m going to have to work hard by myself for a while but as long as I do that, everything’s going to be just fine.  I asked my facebook friends if anyone wanted their photo taken, and Natalia was sweet enough to spare some of her lunchtime minutes to pose in Graffiti Alley.

As she explained to me why she loved her outfit, it made complete sense in relation to her sign. She’s had her vintage leather jacket forever, which really serves as her shell. At the same time, her pleated skirt shows off a softer side. I love how the two work together and am so glad I got to take her photo in one of her fave outfits. It was the last no-tights day of the year, and she nailed it!