April Wozny wears a Hilary MacMillan Dress from Stylist Box

April Wozny is one of Toronto’s hardest working event planners. She always knows how to dress for an occasion and pulls out all of the stops. Her combined Leo sun with Taurus moon gives her style a flair for fanciful luxury, which I think we all need a little more of this Leo season.

Tell us about what you do!

I am an event and wedding planner! I specialize in events in arts, culture, LGBT and for the creative class. I get the extreme satisfaction of working with highly talented people and lovers of the arts. My clients range from weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, store/restaurant openings to corporate events. If you have an event to throw, I plan it from creative concept to precise execution (I do enjoy a good strategy). I make sure everything is what you imagined (and then some) and that everything goes off without a hitch.

April wears a lame bodysuit by Evan Biddell. Photo courtesy of @AprilWozny

I am also the co-creator and hostess of a west-end LGBTQ party Business Woman’s Special (BWS) which is part of Toronto’s queer west movement. It’s a fun little monthly dance party that’s held in a positive queer space where all types of people come and dance the night away! In particular, it’s fun for me because I get to dress up a bit more creatively than the normal day-to-day. I wouldn’t call it ‘costume’ perse but I would say the way I dress for BWS is an extended part of me. The lashes, the outfits, the hair, the heels, the jewels, the creative people I get to collaborate with each month. I’ve always been into dressing up and theatrics since a kid so really, I’m just living my truth and feeling m’oats.
I’m very lucky and thankful to be doing what I do.

April wears Greta Constantine. Photo by Ryan Emberley via @AprilWozny

What makes an unforgettable event?
The people: guests and entertainment. You can have a beautifully decorated event (which is always important) however; you need to have the proper programming to make sure people are stimulated and ready to get going and party! (If that’s what you so desire).

What do you want to accomplish this year?
I could list off what I want to do professionally. But I truly believe that if you are personally feeling good, spiritually fit and grateful for what you have; everything else will fall into place. So that’s it – to be personally happy and healthy.

What’s your aesthetic?

Adventurous & eclectic. Fearless and chic. To be honest, I love playing dress up with my friends. I love being a lil Barbie girl, you know? I love being dressed and fully trust my designer and stylist friends to see the vision through. I do not discriminate when it comes to fashion and style.

April wears an Evan Biddell Jumpsuit. Photo courtesy of @AprilWozny

Who are your favourite Canadian fashion designers?
Easy: I’ve been a Greta Constantine girl, Evan Biddell babe and Nella Bella lady for a long time. Rita Tesolin for glamazon jewelry is incredible. I am a big fan of Perisa Studios which will be launching in the autumn. She does beautiful dainty jewelry. She once said to me, “I want my jewelry to look & feel like a second skin, without it, you almost feel naked.” There is a long list that I could name off because Canada is flooded with talent. Anything The Collections and The Stylist Box reps I can usually get behind.

Bracelets from top to bottom, Jenny Bird, Persia Studios

Who are your must follows on Instagram?
@mytherapistsays@bartschland, @alex_mcleod_@thankyou_ok@bretmanrock
…. and any plant IG account.

Photo courtesy of @AprilWozny

Have you ever consulted astrology or Tarot?
I’ve been into astrology since I was 12! I got into Tarot a little bit later on. I have a few decks: The Wild Unknown, Aleister Crowley Thoth deck (have yet to crack open – I’m not that advanced!) and the Rider-Waite deck but the herbalism one. The herbal deck really resonates with me as I feel very connected to all things green (HI! Plant Lady!) so I typically consult that deck the most.