Danielle George wears an Asos bomber and Jeffrey Campbell booties.
Danielle George wears an ASOS bomber and Jeffrey Campbell booties.

I met Danielle George through work, but our love of fashion is what truly brought us together. I would take photos for her blog on our lunch breaks and we’d chat about the shoes that we thought were blowing up at the time. As soon as I learned that we were both Cancers, her buddy status with me solidified. When crunching the numbers for Dee’s birth chart, I was interested but not surprised to learn that she’s a Cancer Moon and Taurus Ascendant (which makes sense as a fashion blogger / buyer / creative). I don’t work with Dee right now, but having the opportunity to shoot her again outside of Dufferin Mall was too much fun!

Tell me Dee, do you believe?

I don’t know a whole lot about astrology but I do think I embody many Cancer characteristics. When I was younger I was a lot more skeptical because I was running around partying all the time and being a total social butterfly which to my knowledge was un-cancer-like. Now that I’ve settled into adulthood (lol yeah right!) I think I’ve become more of a Cancer, what with loving the hell out of my home and family. So I guess you could call me a believer!

image via Regal Rubbish
image via Regal Rubbish
Have you ever had a day when your horoscope was dead on?
I had my horoscope tell me something in the realm of “an exciting new opportunity will present itself and you should take it” and got a sweet job offer that afternoon! It was crazy. One time while I was in university, my horoscope said that I’d come into some fund$ and then boom! OSAP hit me with that direct deposit!
How often do consult the stars?
I don’t check my horoscope religiously. I guess I read it every time I find myself sat next to a Metro newspaper on Metro newspaper on the subway. Also, like the total creep that I am, whenever I start dating a new guy I start stalking his horoscope, because that’s a totally normal thing to do and not creepy at all…


Danielle in Toronto
Danielle in Toronto
What do you like about being a Cancerian?
Cancers are supposed to be super creative. Not to toot my own horn, but your girl’s got creativity out the wazoo!
What do you dislike about our crustacean clan?
I guess Cancers are meant to be needy x clingy to the max. On the real, no chick ever wants to be called clingy or needy, but it’s in my DNA!

What kind of work do you do?
I’m a retail buyer and fashion blogger but I’m really planning to make 2017 my year and launch some creative projects that have been on the back burner for way too long! Follow @goldbreathto on the gram 😉 !
A preview from @GoldBreathTO 's IG
A preview from @GoldBreathTO ‘s IG
How did you get into fashion blogging/instagramming/influencing?
I originally started Regal Rubbish with one of my really good friends. We went to university together for media communications and thought it would be fun to have a creative outlet where we could use our skills on something we were passionate about. Since we both loved fashion, art, culture, and social media it seemed like a perfect idea. As time went on, it kind of migrated into a sole proprietorship but I still do it for the same reasons.
Who are your favourite fashion Instagrammers?
Does Kylie Jenner count? 😉
@lucyeezy is this sick instagrammer from Germany. Her aesthetic is everything and she kills every streetwear look she wears. Definitely one to watch.
@blvckd0pe is another one who’s style I totally stalk on the daily. So many cool streetwear chicks in Germany!
@vanessacesario_ is another friend of mine from uni and her blog and gram are both super lit. She slays minimalism.
Who makes your favourite fashion?
Alexander Wang forever. I’m such a fangirl. I also love Acne Studios, Vetements, Rick Owens and Damir Doma.
What inspires you?
Fearless ambition and the people who channel it into success. And pizza. And my mom.
Dee's Pizza/heart tattoo via @regalrubbish
Dee’s Pizza/heart tattoo via @regalrubbish

Describe your style in 3 words.

90s Hip Hop meets Lizzie McGuire. That’s more than 3 words. My Bad. 😉