Lily di Costanzo, photo courtesy of Lily di Costanzo.
If you’re an astrology devotee and have been on Instagram lately, you’ve probably scrolled and liked astrology-related mood boards filled with jaw-dropping high-aesthetic images. My favourite aspect of @cancer__mood‘s page are the astrological pep talks that inspire you to tap into (or out of) your sweet crab shell. Being a Cancer Sun myself, I reached out to Lily di Costanzo, the curator of @cancer__mood, to find out more about how she started her beautiful and captivating Cancerian-inspired mood board.
What was your first experience with astrology?
For a long time I actually really wasn’t into astrology — mainly because I felt like the bit I knew about the Cancer reputation (stubborn, moody, and a homebody) really didn’t fit me. A few years ago, though, one of my friends who works as a full-time astrologist walked me through the intricacies of a full astral chart and I fell in love with it. It feels like such a beautiful lens through which to observe human behavior and relationships.
The @cancer__mood IG page
What inspired you to start the Cancer Mood Instagram page?
I owe huge credit to @virgomood and her flawless mood board account. I wanted to create a similar destination for Cancers and add in daily horoscopes and astrological discussion.
Was @cancer_mood one of the first astrology mood boards? They’ve gotten super popular!
There were definitely other boards when I created mine, but I think mine was the first of its kind for Cancers!
What do you do when you’re not ‘gramming for @cancer__mood?
I work in media and live in NYC 🙂 I love eating dumplings in Chinatown, dancing until my feet hurt, and subtly trying to trick my tinder dates into telling me their birth time and location.
photo courtesy of Lily di Costanzo
How do you combine astrology and aesthetics on your page?
I think the season really affects the look of the content. Incoming Scorpio season is turning the page very dark and spooky! Libra season was very flirty and baby blue.

What are your favourite Instagram accounts?
I LOVE @aleia, @grey93, @gelbsy, and @cryingdove691. I actually gasped the first time I saw @3rd_eyechakra — SO good. And cancer queen @dorianelectra. And @scottiediaries omg.

What are your Sun, Moon and Rising signs?
Cancer sun, Pisces moon, Sagittarius rising. What a mess!
photo courtesy of Lily di Costanzo
What’s the astrology mood Instagram community like? Do you all support each other?
Everyone is so lovely and very supportive 🙂 Meeting Instagram people IRL is always cool.
How would you describe the Cancer Mood Aesthetic?
I think of cancers as being this luxe mix of femininity, sensuality, moodiness, and experimentation — with a dash of messiness thrown in.
photo courtesy of Lily di Costanzo
How many / Which horoscopes do you read?
I love Annabel Gat (Broadly’s writer). I also watch everything Debra Silverman puts on Youtube, she’s so damn lovable.
What’s your favourite aspect of Cancers?
I love the inherent sense of empathy and kindness cancers exude. Such a nurturing group. I love that Cancers love their moms. I love that we’ve got a knack for sweetness and coziness.
What do you think Cancers get a lot of flack for?
Being moody, emotionally manipulative, and occasionally self-pitying…which is…pretty accurate. (sorry Cancer bbs)
How do you think Astrology helps people?
Yes! The world is tangled and unknowable, anything that provides even a little bit of perspective is a gift. Astrology paired with flexibility and self-reflection is a glorious tool.