Gail McInnes wears a Hilary MacMillan faux fur coat and Koda Nivoli tote.
Gail McInnes wears a Hilary MacMillan faux fur coat, Melissa Nepton top, Joe Fresh pants, Nine West shoes, and Koda Nivoli tote.

Libra Gail McInnes is a multi-talented PR professional in the Canadian Fashion industry. I had the chance to rope her in for a quick chat about what maker her tick and her favourite designers.

Stylist Box
Stylist Box

You wear a lot of hats! What do you have going on right now? 

I work in fashion on the marketing and promotions side of the business. I primarily work with emerging and established Canada brands, however my work does also find me on the corporate side working with multi-billion dollar international fashion and beauty brands. I own Magnet Creative Management (my brand and publicity agency) and co-own Stylist Box (a fashion promotional and sales showroom) with Christian Dare. We also recently launched an online magazine, The Pull Magazine in the Fall of 2016 which highlights Canadian arts, style, and culture.

What inspired you to work in fashion? 
The glamour of old Hollywood movies, music videos of the 80s and 90s (especially Madonna), and the supermodels of the 90s.
How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Retro, Playful, Comfortable
Who are your favourite designers?
Alexander McQueen (always and forever), Lucian Matis and Hilary MacMillan.
Hilary MacMillan Runway
How often do you check your horoscope? 
Every week. I used to check every day, but that gets a little too much. Astrology Zone for monthly reports and Georgia Nicholls for weekly.
Have you ever had a day when your horoscope was dead on?
There were some times when Susan from Astrology Zone would get my months so bang on it was eerie. Mostly during the time when I was launching Magnet Creative Management. It linked my personal and professional lives so perfectly.
The Stylist Suite 2016
What do you like about your sign?
My love of pretty things and always wanting things to be fair.
What do you dislike about your sign?
The stereotypes – they say I’m supposed to be indecisive – I tend to make decisions pretty quickly to be honest, so I wouldn’t say that was true. Also being vain. It might have been true for a younger version of myself, but now I actually go out without makeup on – could just be a new mom thing though(!)