Jessica at the Holt Renfrew Iris Apfel meet and greet
Jessica at the Holt Renfrew Iris Apfel meet and greet.

When Holt Renfrew’s invitation to meet Iris Apfel popped up in my inbox, my first feeling was extreme excitement. I was going to meet one of the most important style influencers of our time! Then my mind shifted to another great reason to go, and I began plotting to photograph the other like minded Iris Apfel fans.

I loved how Jessica coordinated her monochromatic look with varying prints, with just the perfect amount of colour. Jessica was also the first person ever that I’ve taken a photo of who did not know her astrological sign! I told her I’d look it up later because I don’t yet have the dates in my brain, I have to google them most of the time. To my surprise and joy, Jessica is a Virgo! I’ve only got one Virgo up right now, and that’s my friend Alexandra. If you’re interested, Pisces are really dominating the posts right now which is telling of their sign and also what I’m drawn to taking photos of.

Back to Jessica. She looked great, so I took her photo! From glancing at her Instagram, she’s clearly a talented photographer, which should have been a hint since there’s a very cool looking camera hanging around her neck.

Jessica photographing Iris Apfel at Holt Renfrew. Photo via @
Jessica is taking Iris Apfel’s photo at Holt Renfrew. Photo by @allidoisinstagram