Shway at WIPP's Bring Your Own Brand Event at Shopify
Shway at WIPP’s Bring Your Own Brand Event at Shopify
WIPP hosted a Bring Your Own Brand event at Shopify a couple of weeks back and I was amazed at all of the inspired and inspiring women who attended their event. Shweta’s clean and cool outfit caught my eye and I asked the graphic designer about her personal style, artistic influences and who she likes to follow on the ‘gram.
What inspired you to start working in graphic design?
I’ve always loved exploring visuals as a little kid. Whenever homework was boring you’d find me on Microsoft Paint or scrapbooking. Then I got introduced to Photoshop and fell in love with the program. It was so intuitive and natural for me. Creating graphics still excites me today as much as it did 10 years ago.
Who are your favourite artists?
Peter Saville, M.I.A., Basquiat, Wes Wilson, Pokras Lampas
Are you a Horoscope reader?
Yes, either from or the newspaper. I always check mine and my best friends’, parents and brother.
Have you ever had a day when your horoscope was dead on?
Yea! Actually last week in the newspaper it spoke about how my stars were aligned in such a way that there were lots of big internal changes happening in my life, which is truer than ever at this moment. It also mentioned zebra’s, which I recently realized are my favourite animal.
What do you like about being a Pisces?
I love that I’m a laid back and calm person. Being this way defines my approach to everything in life.
What do you dislike about being a Pisces?
At times I wish I wasn’t so aware of certain emotions, because I have to fight the temptation to always fulfill the needs of others. Pisces are very empathetic and forgiving. I can never hate anyone no matter how wrong they’ve done me. But it’s a huge lesson that I’ve learned: to forgive and forget, and always trust my intuition.
Whose Instagram do you love the most?
How would you describe your personal style?
Funky with class. I always love wearing colours and loud prints, while staying comfortable. Everyday I feel like a different person. Some days I’m a creative director, some days I’m back being a college student, some days I’m a car technician, some days I’m a hippie. I enjoy fusing different parts of our world and cultures.
What is your go-to power outfit?
Oversized button-down blouse (unbuttoned) with a crop top underneath, linen joggers, black lace-up ankle boots with a cool choker. Cozy, funky, classy!
What do you wear when you want to relax? 
Oversized sweater, joggers, Nikes and a hat.