Craig at WIPP
Craig Cal at WIPP. Shirt – Needs&Wants Studios, pants – custom, boots – YMC
A few weeks ago I attended WIPP’s Bring Your Own Brand event and was surrounded by stylish go-getters! I don’t take men’s fashion photos often, but Craig’s monochromatic outfit caught and commanded my attention. It shouldn’t surprise you that he’s and Aries.
What do you do?
I spend my days as an urban planner, helping to design cities. I also produce city building events like Ciinema, which is an evening of curated videos presented in mixtape form.
Who are your favourite artists?
There are so many inspiring artists, so I know I’m going to forget some, but off the top of my head I’d say Talwst, Rajni Perera, Andre 3000, Tau Lewis, Ai WeiWei, Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs and Michelle Lefade, among many others.
Do you read horoscopes?
 I don’t have any set horoscope that I seek out to read, but if I come across one I’ll take a moment to see what it says for Aries
What do you like about being an Aries? 
I appreciate that Aries is typically associated with leadership, and I always liked as a kid that my horoscope was first.
Is there anything you dislike about being an Aries?
Nothing, though women occasionally pause after I tell them my sign.