Cailli and Sam Beckerman at Hayley Elsaesser
Cailli and Sam Beckerman at Hayley Elsaesser

Even though their Hayley Elsaesser outfits say “Admit One” I am making an twin-exception for these ladies as they share a birthday. These bubbly Cancers are my absolute most favourite Canadian fashion influencers/bloggers on the planet and will be the only subjects to double in a post.

Things I am going mental for in this photo:

  1. This Min yellow Nailpolish bag, make it in holo and my favourite YouTuber Simply Nailogocial will go for it.
  2. Star-studded thigh-high boots – I mean, I love anything space related.
  3. Impeccable makeup – these ladies are flawless.
  4. Matching Hayley Elsaesser outfitspolite.
  5. Good vibes – they have the best attitudes around!